Thuluth is the most fluid looking of Arabic calligraphy scripts.

I have learnt that the proportions and rules concerning the writing each particular letter are fairly specific.

Nonetheless, I have found that most letters can be written in several forms.

The form of a letter depends on whether the letter occurs at the beginning, middle or end of a word.

In addition, it can take various forms in it’s particular place in a word.

For instance, a letter can have two or more forms at the beginning of a word (or middle, or end).

Which form is used can be at the calligrapher’s discretion.

The script has some other properties, such as the end of letters that descend may hook upwards.

Pieces of Thuluth calligraphy normally include diacritic marks (short vowels) and ornaments to decorate words.

This affords the script aesthetic versatility that allows for two phrases by different calligraphers to look completely different.

Learn to write in Thuluth script

I am currently trying to teach myself this particular script.when starting thuluth - رب يسر ولا تعسر .. رب تمم بالخير وبه ثقة

As I progress through the individual letters of the script, I am publishing posts that hopefully can be of use to you as well.

These posts are “how-to” posts on each letter of the Arabic alphabet in Thuluth script.

I invite you to check them out, to learn from them and feel free to comment.